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New Contributor

GoToMeeting on a chromebook


I am having issues sharing a camera on a chromebook 5190/3100 2in1 while in a GoToMeeting. I'm able to log into the meeting without issue, its only when I'm attempting to share the camera that it does not work. I get the following error message. Even prior to sharing the camera it shows my camera working in the preview.

IMG_0885 (1).JPG


Sound does not work either and it gives no error message, it just shows up as trying to connect with a a green line circling the sound button.


I did test the same meeting with a laptop and it worked. This at least tells me the settings within the meeting are correct.


The setup we are trying to get this to work on is : 

1) Laptop will be hosting the meeting

2) chromebook will be the attendee


Can chromebooks join meetings with the setup above? or only a selected few?


Thank you in advance.