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GoToWebinare Pro GoToMeeting pro seats?

I'd like to have a reacurring meeting for our team every morning and have the first person on able to start the meeting.

It showing in our account we only have 1 seat and GoToMeeting is not avalible to choose from.

"Licenses GoToWebinar Pro"

How can we acomplish this any help would be apreciated 🙂 ?


...Also the " Verify ORGANIZATION" isnt working, we have the text file on our site/

GoTo Manager

Re: GoToWebinare Pro GoToMeeting pro seats?


The ability to start any meeting as an Attendee is not yet finalized for customers, so you would need to share your Organizer credentials with the person responsible for hosting, or add another user to your account with an additional GoToMeeting license, and make them a Co-Organizer for that meeting.  


**Currently Co-Organizer functionality is available on Business+ plans.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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