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GotoMeeting verification mail system broken - and support is not available ...

Trying to log in with a user. Fine, but the system wants to send me a verification mail. Fine.


But, no mail is actually ever sent. I checked the direct smtp logs on all mx servers for the domain - and there is not even a communication request...


BTW, the affected user account is listed as inactive (no activity for 30 days) in the Admin Center.

Other users for the same mail domain do work fine and get invitation and verification mails. But none of those users is listed as inactive.


How are we supposed to login, if the f*** Gotomeeting system does not even send the verification mail and support is - for all practical means - down. Really clever, really clever...


I can receive mail for the affected user from ALL other sources, just Gotomeeting does not even TRY to send a mail.


As a CRUDE workaround we create an alias address for the affected user and added a new Gotomeeting user for this address in the Admin Center. Bingo, invitation and verification mails immediatly showed up.


How for heavens sake is it possible to design and operate a system which breaks SOME mail addresses???


Anyone with an idea, how i can get support to address this huge problem?


GoTo Manager

Re: GotoMeeting verification mail system broken - and support is not available ...

Hi there,

It is often the case that an unknown problem with an email account setting is causing a denial or blockage of the deliver from LogMeIn.  If you'd like to click on my Community name in order to confirm the affected email spelling privately I can check to see if we have stopped sending emails due to this reason. 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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