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New Contributor

Gotomeeting sometimes causes Chrome and Discord to crash

There are times when using gotomeeting for desktop and having Chrome open at the same time, but not necessary using chrome (it's usually minimized in the background) where chrome will freeze up, turn the whole screen gray and crash. This use to only happen once every other week but now its happening at least once each session my laptop is on. And now Discord sometimes crashes with it. I have to go into task manager and end the processes for both Chrome and Discord. 


Like I could have a gotomeeting session open, go to click something in chrome and all of a sudden it will crash both chrome and discord. This only happens when I have GOTOMEETING on. If I do not have gotomeeting on they do not have this problem.  All three are up to date versions and i have tested it on both the older gotomeeting UI and the new UI (i like old UI better and it crashes less on the old UI) There have been times where I'll be chatting in the chatbox and it will randomly crash.


I realize I'll probably be told its either problem with chrome and/or discord on their own but I think the devs should know this is happening so they can look into it in the future.