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Guest will be using a desktop microphone

I'll be training someone to use voice recognition software on their computer. User has a hand an arm disability and uses a high quality USB desktop microphone.


We will both be using computer audio for the training sessions. Will the sound of my voice coming through my guest's PC be picked up by their desktop microphone or does GTM invisibly mute the mic to incoming audio to stop it picking up the incoming audio? (I understand Skype has this function).


I know a headset mic is recommended for GTM participants but in this case, my guest won't be using a headset mic because of their disability.


If their desk mic does pick up my audio, it could cause an echo and interfere with the guest's speech recognition software (make it think someone is dictating into it). Their desk mic does have an audio out port so  I suppose a workaround would be they plug in a set of headphones into it.

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Re: Guest will be using a desktop microphone


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Re: Guest will be using a desktop microphone

Hi @pmaddern 


If they are listening to you using desktop speakers their microphone is going to pick it up. It would be best to have them use headphones with their computer.


Another option, in case you really want to isolate their desktop microphone for the use of voice recognition is to have them join the audio portion of the meeting using a telephone. They could join the meeting twice, once from the desktop and a second time from a smartphone with headphones using one of our apps. That way you can both talk and be heard through the smartphone and the computer is only listening to their commands. 



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