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Hide All|Send All GTM windows to back

So many users hate this, how can there not be a workaround?  All my clients (several hundred users) cannot stand this.  We have to use a free competitor app when we want to get work done.  


GTM covers all my work, covers menus, covers scroll bars.  It is the most annoying thing ever. I have to move  the collapsed windows every 10 seconds to get them out of my way when trying to do presentations.  Can't get to menus, can't scrolls, can't see information on my screen.


Maybe there is a way to do it, but I have not found a solution, and neither have a dozen of my clients after   hundreds of searches.  We have not turned up a solution for this most annoying and and anti-productivity feature.


I need to send all GTM windows to the back.  How do I get those annoying windows out of my way so I can work.

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Re: Hide All|Send All GTM windows to back

@diafrate  I apologize for the frustrations.  Your use case makes sense.  We are still adding functionality to the newest GoToMeeting interface, and I will bring up your pain points with the development team.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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