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How can this annoying framekblinking be de-activated?

Hello everybody,


I'm using GotoMeeting for distannce-lessons. In this work the students have phases while still beeing online but work on their own. I'm just in standby for questions. Of course there are not always questions. So I'm using the standby-time to work in parallel on other things. My presentation shall be still seen by screensharing. As soon as I put another application into forground than the one with the presentation there is a frame blinking in a very annoying matter and covers a part of the screen.


How can I disable this blinking?

Sharing the hole screen is not an option because I want to work on the same screen and I don't have a second monitor to do the work there.

So how can I stop the blinking?


If this is not possible at all please forward this wish to your software-development to add this feature.

best regards Stefan


as an additional remark: I don't gonna use these Message Tags anymore. If they just cause errors I DONT USE THEM!! Grrrrr!!! The minimum your software should do is showing a list of possible tags based on the typed text. I will NOT waste time trying to find allowed tags!!

LogMeIn Manager

Re: How can this annoying framekblinking be de-activated?

Hi @StefanL38 


Currently, it is not possible to disable the blinking when another application is covering the application window you are sharing.  We will share your feedback with the team.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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