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How do I control what is captured by GoToMeeting Video Recording?

I see several post about the file size for GTM recordings and the suggestion to compress is a good one BUT is there a way to get smaller recordings from the get-go?  Do changes to  the camera view in-session made by the Organizer impact what is captured?  So, for example, as the organizer, if I 'Hide Webcams' during the PowerPoint presentation portion of the call, then switch to viewing active webcams, would that make for a smaller recording file but still give me the interaction we're looking for during discussion?  We did a 57 minute recording yesterday with PPT and six webcams showing the whole time, and the file was over 400MB.  The same meeting in GTW (without webcams, obviously) would be 110-115MB.  We store these recordings in our Learning Management System, and this bloat is just unacceptable.  And the lower quality that results from so much compression isn't acceptable either.


Would love to get feedback from the community on ways to mitigate these huge files. 


Debbie Ivie


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Re: How do I control what is captured by GoToMeeting Video Recording?

Hi Debbie,

Hiding your own webcams won't stop them from being recorded in the end.  Sharing fewer animations or slides on the whole can help reduce the file size, but ultimately we are recommending users utilize Cloud Recording for easier storage and sharing with others.