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How many video feeds at the same time?

Hi everyone,


As we are currently researching the best tool to use for our future online meetings, a question came up that I have not been able to answer with internet research yet. Do you know, how many video feeds can be displayed at the same time on one screen (e.g. if I have a meeting with 20 people, can I see all of their webcam output at the same time)?
I am interested in this, especially in order to use "handsigns" as a way to get feedback from > 20 participants during webinars / trainings. That being said, is there a difference between GoToMeeting, -Webinar, and -Training in this regard?

Thanks very much!

GoTo Manager

Re: How many video feeds at the same time?

Hi Marie,

At this time, GoToMeeting offers the most webcam streams at one time: 25 feeds for participants using the desktop application.  


** GoToMeeting mobile apps currently cap at 6 webcams at a time. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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