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How to disable web-browser attendee experience

Until recently, it seemed that Organizers could disable the web-browser attendee experience under Organizer settings for GoToMeeting. This doesn't appear to be an option at the Organizer level anymore.


The web-browser attendee experience prevents keyboard and mouse sharing, making the service significantly less useful. Is this part of a GoToMeeting sunsetting effort?

LogMeIn Manager

Re: How to disable web-browser attendee experience

Hi @MattSexton 


The option to disable the web app should still be in the Setting page of your account unless you have opted in to try the new GoTo App which still in development. We will be adding share keyboard and mouse to the new GoTo App in an future update.


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New Contributor

Re: How to disable web-browser attendee experience

The settings used to be under user settings for Attendee Experience, but now the only option under Attendee Experience is to toggle whether or not the Attendee is forced to use the web interface. There isn't an option to prevent them from using the web interface.


I understand that this has been changed to an administrator-level setting and not an organizer-level setting anymore. Is there a way to set this as an organizer-level setting? I need to disable this function, but clearly can't have the admin disable the function for all of my agency's organizers.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: How to disable web-browser attendee experience

@MattSexton  See if you can navigate to this part of your GoTo account to confirm the in-session version your account is set to: