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New Contributor

How to edit 'waiting room' screen

I want to edit the 'waiting for organiser' screen that an attendee sees when they log in prior to the meeting start time.  


Is this possible?  


I've looked through all my settings but can't see anywhere that will let me do this. All i can see is how to edit the 'welcome message' that's sent to the 'chat' box. But what i want to do is edit / customise the actual 'welcome screen' (or what some call the 'waiting for organiser' screen or 'waiting room' screen.


Anyone know?



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: How to edit 'waiting room' screen

Hi Trish,

While you can add a custom logo to the Attendee waiting room view, you cannot customize the messaging to participants therein. 


These are the directions you may follow to add a logo: