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I can't download: status 404

Error message says "Download server responded with status 404."

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: I can't download the software and join a test session

Hi Charis,
I'm sorry about the confusion there.  A 404 status / error message means you may have a block with from your firewall, and are unable to reach the servers responsible for the download connection. 

I would first check that your internet connection is unblocked by a local area firewall.  If you get stuck, you can always try to manually install GoToMeeting through the MSI, and then join with an ID through the software:



LogMeIn Manager

Re: I am not able to edit my meeting and add a co-organizer. I am using a mac.

Hi Syed,
Are you able to navigate to other parts of your GoToMeeting account successfully?

Can you open Settings etc?  

Would you be able to test using a different web browser? 


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Re: Getting an error when trying to set up a meeting {"statusCode":"404","statusMessage":"Not Found"}

Hi Shilpa,
I apologize for that error message.

If you're on a Mac OS, try this approach:

  1. Drag all versions of GoToMeeting to the Trash
  2. Empty the Trash
  3. Login at
  4. Start any meeting to re-install GoToMeeting
  5. Schedule a meeting from the app


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GoToMeeting Outlook Plugin - Update fails due to unreachable deployment manifest



after installing the latest version of the gotomeeting plugin (from here:, the plugin runs but directly asks for an update.


I agreed to the update, the new version was downloaded and started to install.

Yet the installation runs into the following error:

"The deployment manifest could not be downloaded because a connection to the network could not be established. Ensure that you can connect to the network, and try again."


Yet, when I try to access the URL from the error message directly  ( ), the server replies with a 404.


Is it possible, that the latest update installer is broken?


Thanks and cheers



PS: Windows 10, Outlook 2016 (Office 365)

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Re: GoToMeeting Outlook Plugin - Update fails due to unreachable deployment manifest

Hi Stefan,

A 404 error message is invariably a local or network block accessing some of our websites.  I would reference this document with your security software or IT group to ensure all GoToMeeting IP ranges and URLs are whitelisted: