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I need advice assisting the Presenter of the meeting.



I've just spend 40 minutes on hold with someone when calling the main number. I've previously called and got no resolution either. 


I have just began working for an organisation that delivers our courses remotely using GoToMeeting. We have 2 accounts as we run 2 courses per day. My job is to monitor the courses, ensure audio & image is correct, to be on hand with customer enquiries about non lecture related scenarios (payment for example) 


I currently sign into both courses as a guest on Google Chrome and I sit the lectures side by side. I turn the audio off one of the courses to listen to one, then I mute myself on that course to switch to another and listen to their audio. I keep my microphone disconnected or blocked on Chrome as it tries to turn itself on when I switch audio. Is there a simpler way of doing this? 


Also, the main issue. I sign into the course 15 minutes early to introduce myself to delegates, let them know I am here for support etc.. however the lecture (who is the organiser) sometimes doesn't start the meeting until last minute, or they start the meeting, share there screen and start to play with their computer (opening presentations, looking at notes) which I find untidy, especially when delegates are on mute waiting for the course to start. 


I am looking for a way that I can have the temporary control of the meeting and set a note on the screen like a Microsoft word document displaying a "welcome, we will be with you at 08:00" as an exmaple. Then when the lecturer or main speak is available, I want to hand the main control to them so they can record it and control the course. 


I looked on the admin site and saw something about adding a seat? will this allow me to do what it is I am looking for? 


Sorry for the long message, I've called GoToMeeting and without being rude, I have not found them very helpful and sometimes spent over 40 minutes on hold, wondering if they're ever coming back. 



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Re: I need advice assisting the Presenter of the meeting.

Hi @bennmarkpotter 


For part 2 of your question the solution is for you to start the meeting and then when the person who will be presenting the materials joins (and is ready), you make them them the Presenter. This is actually quite common and often done in GoToWebinars.


As for monitoring two meetings at a time, can you provide some more details about how you are turning the audio on and off and blocking the microphone in Chrome? You should be muted by default in GoToMeeting until you unmute yourself.


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Re: I need advice assisting the Presenter of the meeting.

@GlennD Thank you for your response.  The screenshot is too big to upload to this forum. However switching the audio and microphone is not an issue. 


The main thing I am looking for is how I have temporary control of 2 meetings so I can share a welcome message in the morning. Do I need an additional subscription? do I need to change settings to allow screen control for guests? then the presenter takes it back when they're reading?  or do I add a seat subscription which the online account mentions? and will I need 2? one for each meeting? I only need the screen from 07:45 - 08:00 where I can have a welcome message whilst the tutor sets their screen up, ready to start @ 08:00