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In GoToMeeting api - create Meeting body is not working.

i have generated the clientID and Client Secret followed by the GoToMeeting API documentation and using those clientID and client secret in encodeBase64 i have generated the bearer token.  Then using the ClientID and redirect URL i got code. by providing the code and bearer token i have generated the access token.

now i have given the access token and the body followed by the documentation but im getting an error like  "Some mandatory attributes are missing ". But i have provided the proper body as per you detailed in the documentation. For you reference i have attached my screenshot.


GoTo Moderator

Re: In GoToMeeting api - create Meeting body is not working.

Hi @DhineshSummit welcome to the GoTo Community. For help with our API please reference this Help FAQ: 


We do not provide support for the API here in the community.


Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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