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Integration URL parameters?

Are there more parameters outside of "meetingId" that can be passed to the web or desktop launch URLs? Can I force the audio connection mode and specify the display name?



My use case: I'm routing requests to join meetings to a pool of personnel through a messaging platform. The request to join is delivered to an app on their desktop, and I'd like a one-button press on that app to open the GTM client directly into the conference, and allow the app to define what the display name and audio connection mode is. 


Thanks in advance!

GoTo Manager

Re: Integration URL parameters?

I'm sorry @Boutcher , currently this type of customization is not an option with GoToMeeting.  Every participant is asked for their Name and EMail when joining, if this is not already saved in the GoTo application they have installed. 


You can force the type of audio the attendees use by restricting the integrated audio selection you secheduled for that meeting.  I.e. don't includ telephone dial in options if you want your audience to all connect via mic and speakers. 

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