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New Contributor

Interface And Procedures Are All Different

A few weeks ago, I lost the ability to start a meeting from my desktop.  I now must use a browser to login, and every meeting has the same meeting ID.


I have tried downloading and reinstalling GoToMeeting, but that does nothing.  I get no system tray icon, nor any entries in my program listing.  I have tried that several times.


When I login via the GoToMeeting website, all I get is a window to start the one same meeting, with the same meeting ID.


Here's what I want:

  1. Either a system tray icon or a desktop icon that will allow me to start a new meeting or schedule a future meeting.
  2. The icon must not disappear the next time the computer is restarted.  It should stay there forever unless or until I uninstall GoToMeeting.
  3. When I do go to the website, I'd like the ability to view my meeting history or start a new meeting.

So, what's going on?   Does everyone now have to log in to the website to start a meeting?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Interface And Procedures Are All Different

Hi Victor,

What you are seeing upon login is your personalized meeting, with the custom url and ID assigned to it.


Could you specify what operating system and web browser you're using currently?

Do you have any security software that may be active in the background?

New Contributor

Re: Interface And Procedures Are All Different

OS: Windows 8, up-to-date

Browser: Chrome, up-to-date

As for security, nothing more than a Vipre antivirus and firewall, which I've been using for several years.  Its definitions are up-to-date.


I'm unfamiliar with the 'personalized meeting'.  Though I've been using GoToMeeting for several years, I've not encountered it before.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Interface And Procedures Are All Different

Thanks for the update.  I'd also be interested to know what model that PC is, and if Windows 10 is available for an upgrade...


Vipre is a strong AV, however it may not be fully up to date with newer GoToMeeting software versions and/or IP ranges.  I would next test without Vipre in the mix, in order to rule that out as a possible variable. 


The Meet.Me personalized meeting grants each Organizer the ability to name their own web address (url).  As an example, it could be something like