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Issues Dialing into Meetings

Over the last couple of months, I've had several users report issues where they will call into a meeting and receive the "Please enter your access code" prompt, but when they try to dial the access code the system tells them that they have entered no digits. Sometimes it will work if they hang up and try again. Other times it will take several tries for it to go through. It is happening with different meetings and with different phones (some of our users are using their desk phones, others are using Verizon or ATT mobile devices.) I didn't see any outages on the status page the last couple of times that I saw it happening. Has anyone else experienced this issue or is there anything that we can do on our side to prevent this from occurring?

GoTo Manager

Re: Issues Dialing into Meetings

Hello @jkane3 

I apologize for the integrated audio difficulties.  Those situations should be extremely rare, when a telecom provider is not sending the correct digital tones to the GoTo systems. 


If this is happening on specific, older meetings (such as your personal meeting room), I suggest changing the audio bridge by removing all audio options, saving, and then adding telephone back to those meetings.  


To investigate these situations fully, we need to know the affected meeting ID, date/time, called from number, and called to number within 24 hours of the issue. 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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