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Keyboard and Mouse Control doesn't work between older and newer Gotomeeting

This question/notification adds a caveat.

As a contractor to a larger organization, we're often constrained by their network security requirements when providing training/support, etc...

What this means is currently we are required to continue using the older version of Gotomeeting because of the differences in Screen Sharing protocols (My guess is older screen sharing is TCP/IP, but new version switched to UDP?). My conclusion of this guess is based on the fact that the customer's network security has blocked webcam sharing, but screen sharing has always worked in older Gotomeeting. Meanwhile in the new Goto app, ALL video is blocked, webcam and screensharing.


That being said:

We cannot pass keyboard and mouse control from Old Version to New Version.

Presenter sharing screen from old version of Gotomeeting, passes keyboard and mouse control to attendee.

Attendee is using the New Goto Webapp in the browser, attempts to use Mouse actions on Presenter's screen in Goto and nothing happens.


Is this based on the differences in protocol between versions? is this fixable?


GoTo Manager

Re: Keyboard and Mouse Control doesn't work between older and newer Gotomeeting

Hi @Bilgediver, welcome to the community.


 This support article lists the minimum firewall requirements for using the new GoTo App. While we have added a couple more domains I do not believe there were any changes to the protocols being used. I am checking with the team about the issue granting keyboard and mouse control from GoToMeeting Classic to an attendee using the Web App.




Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Keyboard and Mouse Control doesn't work between older and newer Gotomeeting

Thanks for the reply and consideration of the issue of keyboard and mouse control between versions.


To the first issue, there clearly is A difference, as our primary Customer has no problem viewing a screen shared by a presenter using Gotomeeting Classic, but when the presenter uses the new Goto app, our Customer cannot see the screen shared at all.