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Login problems for the LogMeIn Community

Not related to GoTo meeting, but I have no other way to report this. Don't even try to report bugs to your customer support, they can't help you. Tried it multiple times, they failed every time, even for me as paid customer.




I tried to login to post some bugs and found another bug, while login.

I was in the unlucky situation that I forgot my email (which one did I use) and my password.


1. If you click on register and type an email, it tells if there is an account for this email, this is a cool feature, which helped me a lot.

2. If you login, you enter email and password, you hit enter. Then you'll be redirected to the login-form, have to enter email and password again AND additionally have to solve a captcha. This happens for all logins (correct email+password, wrong email, wrong password). If a captcha is required, let the user solve it before submitting the form.

3. I was always asked to enter a verification-code: Wrong email, wrong password, correct email/password, just every time. But you only send the verification code if email/password is correct.


This 3 problems make login very nasty. My solution was:
- Use the register-feature to get your email (I discovered this by try and error).
- Try to login
- Since I typed the wrong password, I did not received the required verification-code, but I got an email with a failed login attempt.
- Use the forget password feature to reset your password.
- Login with known email and password and finally receive the verification code.

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Login problems for the LogMeIn Community

Thank you for this feedback @BugReporter 


We have plans to improve the Community registration flow in 2022. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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