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More than 25 webcams needed

It was an unpleasant and unexpected experience to have students unable to use their cameras once as I had over 30 persons on a call.  When I as the host, disabled my own camera, I was then unable to reuse my camera for the remainder of the lesson.  Two real issues:

1. this limitation is unacceptable (I can have 150 participants!) as the nature of my lessons is interactive with all users.  I understand this may be fixed in a future update but when?

2. As a host, I should have been able to reattach and use my camera as this was quite disappointing to my students. The host camera should have a higher prioritization I would think.


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Re: More than 25 webcams needed

@JenniferArt   I'm sorry I don't have an ETA yet for the planned increase in webcam capacity.  


You can either disable individual attendee webcams through your Organizer control panel, or disable them complete in order to start sharing your webcam again, before enabling them again for the audience: 

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