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Name and change camera is hidden



on the screen just before the meeting you could previously change/set your name and change the camera. Both features are still there, but hidden "behind" the camera-preview.

I am using Browser Google Chrome. Again I use a live-system (no change in hardware or software). Both problems started to occur since 1 or 2 weeks.

Here is a screenshot of the problem. The camera is black, because the camera-lid is closed, this is intentional.

You still can search in the right top corner for a area where the cursor changes. At this position you can change the camera.

Same for the bottom left corner. Search for an area where your cursor changes and set your name here. You can't see what you type, but you can see what you typed, as soon as the meeting starts.


Bildschirmfoto vom 2021-12-06 08-45-19-2.png


New Contributor

Re: Name and change camera is hidden

I did more tests:

- Live-System Knoppix 9.1 with Chromium: Problem started 1-2 weeks ago.

- Windows 10, MS Edge: No problem.

- Windows 10, Chromium: No problem.


If I hide the camera-image (developer tools), I can see both inputs in Knoppix too.


It seems you made a change, which breaks GoTo for Linux users.