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New GTM Client Minified Sidebar Is Obnoxiously Large

The old client has a perfectly sized minified sidebar size of 82x550 pixels. The icons on that sidebar are plenty large as mouse click targets and by default, it docks vertically along the sidebar.


The new client has multiple issues.

(1) it is a massive 772 x 130 pixels

(2) By default, it docks horizontally in the upper right corner, prime real estate on the screen.

(3) It *also* hides the middle top of your window with the remote control/drawing tools with a 942 x 42 pixel toolbar.

(4) When you do drag the (massive) "minified" dock to the middle right or left hand side of your screen, it is still a massive 128 x 766 pixel sidebar. 


The point of minifying the main client is to get it out of the way while still being accessible.  Instead, it has a feeling of being too full of itself and staying "in your face". The top center toolbar thing is bearable as you can move it side to side. The minified dock, however, is obnoxiously large and annoying. Enough so that I found it a joy to be able to ditch the new client in favor of the old client.



GoTo Manager

Re: New GTM Client Minified Sidebar Is Obnoxiously Large

Hi Ossie,

Thanks for your feedback.


We are currently planning some more GoToMeeting improvements that will affect the navigation and placement of certain window panes like webcams, chat, and attendee lists.  If you are uncomfortable with the new look and don't want to use it just yet, then you may still revert to the previous experience:


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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