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New Hub 4 quick questions

Four quick questions....please and thanks!:


1. Will the "alpha" order for participants list be restored?  Old GTM had alpha listing, New GTM did not this weekend when used for large international meeting.  Quite difficult to find a person now quickly without alpha order.


2. Will red/green color return to the Master Mute function?  Both features registered a grey icon, so it was hard to not easily who was muted and who was not (the strike through is not that easy to see on smaller screens)


3. Basic popup blocker contests the second stage of the Rooms meeting selection and "start" process.  Any advice on how to accommodate that?  Thus I cannot get attendance list unless I click on the link within the meeting into screen box itself.


4. Old GTM provided attendees list AND chat visibility simultaneously...New GTM forces one to toggle back and forth between those features...will the ease of the prior configurate be restored?



GoTo Manager

Re: New Hub 4 quick questions

Hi @AnaJo ,

These are all good points that I think we can improve upon with the new GoToMeeting interface.  We have several enhancements currently underway that will give more flexibility to the desktop software while in session, and I will try to gain clarity on where we are with this release schedule.


Thanks very much for the feedback.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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