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New Contributor

New Hub Missing "Meetings from the past 30 days"

The original version of the hub has a link that says Show meetings from the past 30 days. This includes recurring meetings and meetings that were never started. The new hub shows those meetings in the Meeting History, but doesn't allow you to start the meeting or edit it. The effect of this is that any time a meeting has to be rescheduled, and isn't updated in the platform prior to the original time and date of the meeting, a new meeting has to be created. This can be extremely inconvenient and tedious when a meeting has to be rescheduled at the last minute or when people are traveling. We are switching back to the original platform until this is resolved. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: New Hub Missing "Meetings from the past 30 days"

Hi @ganderson,

I apologize for any confusion there.  Scheduled meetings have always been intended to expire shortly after the scheduled start time, and we've cleaned up the Past Meetings area by intentionally removing meetings that never launched.  If you need to re-use a GoToMeeting schedule, or your just not sure when the meeting will start or be rescheduled, then I suggest making these scheduled events 'recurring' so that there is no specific end date.