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New Contributor

No audio on half of my meeting recording

I recorded my meeting as always, it's a class with over 3 hours duration, i use the recording to upload the video on youtube but there's no audio on GoToMeeting's recording halfway through.

Multiple participants have spoken during the class and i could hear them all, they could hear each other. During the meeting there was no audio issue, so i don't get why there's no audio on the GoToMeeting's recording.

Is it possible to recover the missing audio? What can i do to avoid this in the future?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: No audio on half of my meeting recording

@cepeti2  If this was a recording you stored on your own hard drive, it is possible to locate the original audio / video files and try to re-convert them using GoToMeeting. 


If this was recorded to the cloud, then you'll want to file a case with Customer Support to see if we still have the originals on our end.