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New Contributor

Not receiving email

New to GoToMeeting. Created new organizers and sent custom email. The email is never received (I did verify I am able to receive outside email to these accounts) says it sent successfully no error whatsoever 

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New Contributor

That worked! Thank you Ash!

New Contributor

Dear Sir,


I added an user but this user not receiving any email, we already checking spam or junk email, forgot password, and checking whitelist setting but no result.


Thank you for your help

GoTo Moderator

@bimosidhi  It could be a problem with the email reception being blocked or labeled.  If you've also tried sending a forgot password link from the login page to that new user and it doesn't arrive, then I would reach out to Customer Support to check if it's on our blocked list: 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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