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Notes app - mixes in with transcripts , and not easy to find

I used notes for a recorded meeting a few days ago.   It was my first time. 

I copy and pasted the webpage with the notes into a word document  as saving the page it would not open as a document on my computer.   I need to have my notes as a separate document, not mixed in with the transcript. 


After the recording was finished processing, I downloaded the notes and the transcript file.  Both files were a blend of notes and transcript.  

This made it impossible to know which was transcript ( verbal from the meeting) and which were written notes. 

This is too difficult to use and negates the accuracy and documentation of a transcript as you do not know what was said by all in attendance versus what was written as a note by the organizer. 


The support person did not know, and said there was not anyone who could explain the features or best uses of notes.  This is really bad - if the notes would download as a separate document they this would be great and very useable.  As it is now, I should just open a word document and type away as I wish.  That would save me time. 


If you spent the money and time creating notes, do it right.  Have it be separate for the download, other wise do not have this.   It is opening in a separate webpage so there must be a way for it to download as it's own file. 

Get your developers on this asap.  Otherwise remove the app.  It is misleading and falsifies a transcript to be true to what was said in a recorded meeting versus written as a summary or note.  


I use GoToMeeting for my telehealth consultations and the accuracy and validity of what was said, written or seen is essential for medical records.    Tell me what I am missing in any settings, or fix this asap. 

The support person said it was not possible to separate the notes from the transcript when it was saved 


Sally J Foote DVM