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Re: Outlook 2016 plugin will not install

I called support last Thursday to get help with this issue.  When the support representative couldn't fix the problem, they promised that they'd escalate the call and that someone more senior would call back. That never happened so I called back yesterday.


I spoke with another first-level supporter but they got help from someone else who eventually downloaded the X509 certificate and then manually installed it. Details:

  • Source for the certificate:
  • This will download a .zip file. Extract the .cer file to a known location and then double-click it.
  • Click "Install Certificate" for current user, then cick next
  • Then choose "Place all certificates in the following store," click Browse, and select "Trusted Publishers"
  • Click "OK" and "Next"
  • <I think that this will install the cert but I don't care to re-run the process in full so there may be a few more clicks - the list above includes the most significant steps>
  • Reinstall the plugin

This solved my problem. No idea why the plugin stopped working in the first place.