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Outlook Plugin Office 2016 Prevents Sign-In

Good Morning,


Users at my organization have run into an issue here that I will try to describe. We use the GoTo plugin for outlook (How do I install the GoToMeeting Outlook Plugin? (Windows) - GoToMeeting Support) currently for Office 2016, and in regular operation things work fine. However, if one of our users gets signed out, this plugin causes some issues that cause Outlook to hang up during the sign in process and become non-responsive.


The only solution right now is to go into Outlook in safe mode, disable the plugin, sign the user back in to Outlook, then re-enable the plugin. Is there something that can be done to prevent the program for locking up during sign-in while still using the GoTo outlook plugin? The only other thing that has helped is disabling MFA, which we do not want to do.


Also, please do not suggest installing the new GoTo integration (Official GoToMeeting Help - GoToMeeting Support). This installer is only available on the Microsoft store and requires an Exchange sever to be installed locally, which we do not use (as we have our emails provided through Outlook 365 but use the desktop Outlook application). If GoTo begins offering a standalone installer of this I'd be happy to try it, but as it stands it is literally not possible to give it a try.

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Re: Outlook Plugin Office 2016 Prevents Sign-In

Hi @Artorius 

While we aren't escalating new cases currently for the expiring (old) GoTo Outlook plugin, there are ways to set up the new integration for all users from the admin level: 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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