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Outlook meeting invites created by G2M add-in are using koi8-r charset

We're using the G2M add-in with Outlook for Office 365.  We received a report from an external user that they were not receiving meeting invitations from us, but were receiving regular email.  Their IT dept said the invites were being filtered out by their email gateway b/c the invites were using the koi8-r charset.  We finally traced the cause to meeting invites that were created by the G2M add-in.


The problem only happens when the invite is created with the "Schedule Meeting" button on the Home ribbon, and not when using the "Schedule Meeting" button on the Add-ins ribbon. 


We found a workaround - turn off the "Automatically select encoding for outgoing messages" option in Outook (File | Options | Advanced).


Is there some configuration to force G2M to use a particular charset in the meeting invites it creates?  Or is there way to modify the template that G2M uses for creating certain meeting invites, so we can clean out whatever is causing Outlook to switch charsets?   We're using "Western European (ISO)" in Outlook as the Preferred Encoding already, so it's not an Outlook settings issue. 


UPDATE:  the root cause is the horizontal lines that the "Schedule Meeting" button on the Home ribbon puts into the invitation message, which cause the charset to be changed.  If you delete the lines before sending the invite, the charset isn't changed.  The button on the Add-ins ribbon doesn't use lines, and it doesn't have that problem. 


How can I modify that template to remove the lines?  (or better yet, LogMeIn please fix this).



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Re: Outlook meeting invites created by G2M add-in are using koi8-r charset

Thanks for confirming thie behavior, I will bring it up with the team for a security review.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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