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Dustin Krause
New Contributor

Outlook plug-in error

The plug in is working while within 'mail' now and schedule meeting buttons are lit up and clickable.

However, when going into 'calendar' and scheduling an appointment...inside the dialog box the add meeting button is grayed out.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plug in, as well as going into options and add-ins and making sure the box was checked for the plug-in for active.

Outlook version 2013.


Adrian Iglesias

Re: Outlook plug-in error

Hi Dustin,

Just to be sure, when you are going into the Outlook calendar and creating a new appointment but the Add Meeting button is grayed out, is the date & time for the appointment set for some point in the future for certain?  The only time I have seen the button the button become grayed out is when I have accidentally set my appointment to start either on a previous day or a time that may have already passed by.

If this is not the case, any more specifics that you can give would be helpful.  Is the Add Meeting button unavailable as soon as you open a new appointment and have not made any other changes?


Dustin Krause
New Contributor

Re: Outlook plug-in error


Thanks for response. Getting this error message

Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Outlook plug-in error

Hi Dustin, it looks like an issue where the plug-in is unable to authenticate to your account. Can you try logging-out of the plug-in (Add-ins tab ->GoToMeeting Settings button at the top) and logging back in to see if this resolves your issue?