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Possible to select 25 webcams to view

Hi! I am planning for a live interactive event where we will have a big screen on a stage and with around 70 people calling in from around the world. We would like to put the participiants videos on the screen as a grid view. As far as I know, it is possible to show 25 videos at the same time. How much is this customizable? For example, can I select 25 and then scroll to the next 25, can I remove myself from the screen, will they always stay the same size or start to jump around on the screen etc?

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Possible to select 25 webcams to view

Hi @permebia 


GoToMeeting will display the first 25 webcams that are being shared, so attendees will need to take turns in order to change which webcams are visible. If you have some way of assigning them to groups at the start of the event you could ask group 1 to share their cameras first, then group 2 etc



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