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New Contributor

Presenter Status

Hello. I am running a 5 day online course from the 19th - 23rd April. I am based in Perth, Western Australia. We have co-presenter who will be based in Brisbane, Queensland (which is 2 hours ahead from Perth).


When I have made this presenter before it has worked fine, but at the end of each day the presenter status revert back to me. This means I have to start the meeting each day and give my colleague the presenter status so that he can manage the slides etc. How can he keep his presenter status so that he can start the next day without me?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Presenter Status

@OHMS  We plan to offer the ability for Attendees to start the broadcast themselves in the near future. 


Currently you would need to share your Organizer credentials with the presenter who needs to host the broadcast by themselves.