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Presettings for GoToRoom

our GoToRoom is in german, so maybe the settings I will describe and translate are slightly different.
Every time we join a meeting via GoToRoom the camera and the option "show all cameras" are active. We would like to preset the camera as inactive and the camera-option to "active cameras". The problem is, that we don't normally need the camera for our meetings. So when we join a meeting we have to deactivate the camera and set the option from "show all cameras" to "active cameras". Otherwise the presentation wouldn't be in full screen because there are some black (inactive webcam) windows above. We only want to show the camera if there is any camera active. 

I know that GoToRoom is made for video-conferencing and we only use part of it, but this part is all we need for now and it works great. Sometimes we use the camera and then it is great that we can add it.

Thank you very much for your help.


Best regards


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GoTo Manager

Re: Presettings for GoToRoom

Hey Thomas!

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


I believe this will be an enhancement possibility that the GoToRoom team will be interested in, and I'll tag this thread as an 'idea' for member response and review.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: Presettings for GoToRoom

Thank you very much!