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Problem with the liquidity of the meeting

Despite the fact that the stability of the link is ensured on both sides (the quality of the meeting - it can be seen in the film) is meeting and it is crashing so badly. This is easy to observe even with simple videos that are shown by the organizer. According to me, the type of account here does not matter. Please, investigate this because it is quite tedious. As proof of the incorrect operation of your service, I attach a link to the video placed on YT.


P.S .: In my opinion, it is stupid for free accounts to have to use meeting and screen capture from the Google plugin. Why do not you do as they have paid accounts, i.e. a standalone application for running a meeting and connecting to an existing one. Why do you need three applications? One of them is, for example, "Launcher", which gets meaningless every time someone tries to connect to me or me to someone else.


Problem ze stabilnością meetingu pomimo dobrej jakości sygnału.
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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Problem with the liquidity of the meeting

@flaga_m  Sorry for the frustrations.  If you were experiencing this with GoToMeeting Free, then you can try to refresh your web browser or see if there are any updates available from Chrome themselves. 


If you were using a paid GoToMeeting subcription, please elaborate on what you were trying to do at the time, and any specific errors seen.