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New Contributor

Problems and crashes with GoToMeeting 10.4.1

In our company we're using Outlook 2013 and GoToMeeting 10.4.1 on Windows 10 1809 SAC 64 Bit.

GoToMeeting and the Outlook AddIn is installed to the computers using the MSI package.

After the upgrade from Version 8 to 10 of G2M, we can no longer plan meetings from the application.

It says it's created an email or an appointment in the calender but that never happens.

Even worse: When you're in a meeting with screen sharing and you try to invite another participant via Outlook, either Windows crashes and kills all processes including but not limited to Windows Explorer. If you have no screen sharing active and try the same only Outlook crashes. This problem affects multiple users in our company. In fact we actually have no single case of it working.

Any advice on how to make this work is highly appreciated.