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Random Callers joining a Locked Meeting



We are running a recurring meeting through the windows app on windows 10, and have only just this week started getting constant 'Caller 01', 'Caller 02', 'Caller 03' and so on.


We dismiss the caller each time, but they rejoin (seems like a bot) with an incremented number.


We have also locked the meeting, but they are still able to rejoin?


I noticed there was an archived post, but couldn't access it.


I'm thinking this may just be an internal GoTo bug - but any assistance would be appreciated


GoTo Moderator

Re: Random Callers joining a Locked Meeting

Hi @Stuart33


Welcome to the GoTo Community. I wasn't able to replicate your experience and it's not a known issue at this time so it's a bit of a headscratcher. 


Can you let me know the following: 


  • Are you using the Classic GTM or the GoTo App? 
  • Are you on the latest version? 
  • Could you try testing your meeting room by locking the room, dialing in and see if you hear a message
  • PM me the Meeting ID so we can take a closer look? (click on my user name on the left and on the next page you will see the option to message me on the top right)

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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