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New Contributor

Request: Hide "green" bars and screen sharing options

As title says, please allow hiding "green" highlight bars on the area attendees see, and screen sharing options bar (pause, share something else).

I think the new G2M is an improvement for viewers.  But, the above design decisions are definitively poor design because they are redundant and, most importantly, cannot be hidden.  Why have two permanent toolbars when everything has fit on one previously?  Why have permanent highlighting when you can already see what attendees see in the preview?  Please allow hiding of these intrusive design oversights.  Thank you for your consideration.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Request: Hide "green" bars and screen sharing options

@Laisre  We plan to improve the full-screen visibility of presenters in the future so you can see more of the presentation and less of the GoTo interface.