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Some German Dial-in Numbers are broken

Good day, 

a colleague on my corporate Account had following issue:


Dialing into the GoToMeeting with two numbers broke off while entering the meeting number

  1. User dials  +49 721 9881 4161
  2. "Enter your access code"
  3. User starts entering code
  4. after 1-2 digits "Your code is invalid. Enter ...." Smiley Mad
  5. I then used the "Problems dialing in, get alternate number" function and pasted a second number to him - same reaction. 
  6. Timing: Noticed Monday, March 11th, 10-11am 


Then, later the day, the user tested with another colleagues. Same behaviour. Then he chose another access number Deutschland from another meeting: +49 721 6059 6510
 :smiley: All worked  fine


Any ideas ? 




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Some German Dial-in Numbers are broken

Hi Joerg, Two things I want to clarify: 

  1. This issue is only experienced on the phone number +49 721 9881 4161 ?
  2. The date was May 11th, and not March 11th? 

If these are true, are you able to replicate the same behavior from other phone lines?  If not, can you confirm the telecom provider the problem attendee is using? 

New Contributor

Re: Some German Dial-in Numbers are broken

Hi, sorry for replying so late. I had Email notifications not in my AllowList


a) that did not happen for other numbers,  only with the main number and the alternate number, I requested on testing with him, correct. Other users could use them ok. 

b) We are talking May, not March - correct. Smiley Surprised


Provider: O2 mobile & landline

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Some German Dial-in Numbers are broken

OK, please let us know if the problems should persists.  We can certainly investigate though Customer Support when we know about an audio problem within 24 hours --- or if it's easily reproduced on demand.