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Sticky command button when using screen share on Mac

I have a recurring issue when using screen share on GoToMeeting between two Macs. I am giving someone some technical training and will sometimes remote control their machine to demonstrate how to do something. While doing this I often hit Command and another key like D or S to use shortcuts in the application I am demonstrating. This works ok but after that GoToMeeting thinks I am still holding the Command key down and typing won't work because it thinks I am trying to trigger another shortcut. If I press Command again the issue is resolved, but I don't remember to do that every time I use a shortcut key.  It can get very annoying when it triggers something else to happen. I am usually in the application FileMaker Pro when this happens and I don't know if it happens at other times as well. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Re: Sticky command button when using screen share on Mac

@pbeyrouty  I'm afraid GoToMeeting has built-in Accessibility keyboard shortcut functions that may be conflicting with your special remote control commands:


If you need special controls over a remote PC then I would suggest GoToAssist as an option that can give you wider access to custom shortcuts in specific programs.

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Re: Sticky command button when using screen share on Mac

Thank you but this does not help with my issue. For one thing the link you included is for Windows machines and both machines are Macs. More importantly the issue is not that I am getting the wrong result when I use shortcuts. I get the proper result. However, after I use the shortcut and let go of the keys the remote computer acts as though I am still holding the Command key down. For instance, I press Command+D and it works find. When I then click into a text field and try to type the computer dings. If I press a key like C while trying to type the remote computer tries to copy instead of inputing a C. If I press the Command key again and let go the issue fixes itself, but it will reoccur the next time I use a shortcut.