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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Audio problem

Hi there,

If you're asking about streaming audio from your computer to the audience, please see this support reference, as it is not currently possible with the GoToMeeting standalone software:


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Re: Sharing an audio file ?

Hi @lolipop

We plan to allow for desktop audio sharing very soon, and you can subscribe to GoToMeeting News here for updates as they are released:


GoToWebinar has the ability to play MP4 and YouTube videos currently if you need that feature immediately.

New Contributor

Re: Sharing an audio file ?

wonderful - thank you Heart

New Contributor

Share Power Point with audio (video)

I have a Power Point presentation with a video. I need to share in the meeting, but the audio of the video is not shared for the other participants.


Searching I found some old topics recommended to use "Beta Lab Video", but I didn't find it on G2M. Or use "Stereo Mix", which is not at all practical.


There is a new feature in G2Meeting that makes it possible to share a presentation with audio.


Thank you,



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Re: Share Power Point with audio (video)

@ronaress We have a desktop audio sharing feature going through final review currently, and I expect the customer rollout in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned here for updates:


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Organizer can't hear attendees; attendees cannot hear video

We want to do a remote education session. The organizer cannot hear the attendees but the attendees can hear the organizer. When a video is played by the organizer, the organizer can hear the video but the attendees cannot.

Are we missing a setting in GoToMeeting Pro?

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Re: Organizer can't hear attendees; attendees cannot hear video

@PeaceLutheran  Desktop audio streaming is coming very soon to GoToMeeting.

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Re: Organizer can't hear attendees; attendees cannot hear video

Hi @AshC,

do you have any news? We are desperate to use Desktop audio and are still forced to use Zoom in parallel to GTM or eventually consolidate to a single provider so that we  can share videos/audio during a GoToMeeting session!


Thank you for the update,


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Sharing media sound

I am becoming frustrated with not being able to share media sound in meetings, I have seen several posts on this subject with responses suggesting a fix is imminent. The facility is there on Zoom and Teams and there are no issues, so how difficult can this be? It is really spoiling the GoToMeeting experience - we teach languages, so playing audio is fairly important! I am having to switch platform for my next lesson so that I can play sound - this seems ridiculous! I have read some of the advice given here - thank you for that - but is another solution imminent?

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Re: Sharing media sound

@Marv1  I apologize for the development delays with this feature request.  We plan to make desktop audio sharing available for all users in the coming weeks.  You can check for this release online here: