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Take a Screenshot as a Presenter when using Drawing Tools

Attendees have a convenient button (camera icon) to take a screenshot of the presentation. But how does the Presenter quickly and easily take a screenshot after using the Drawing Tools or allowing Attendees to use the Drawing Tools? There may be markups the presenter wants to save. Seems like that is a missing feature.


Yes, I know I can use the screenshot tools built into the OS or a third party app. But that is more clicks as well as not all presenters "get it."


Feature Request: provide the same "Take a screenshot" tool to the Presenter when Drawing Tools gets enabled/used. AND definitely prompt the Presenter to save (Yes/No) when clicking "Erase all drawings."


I'm using g2m desktop app v10.13 on Windows 10.

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Re: Take a Screenshot as a Presenter when using Drawing Tools

@CHEDBE_EMA  If you have Cloud Recording ability, you may find Smart Notes of interest, to enhance your meeting's historical referencing:

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