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New Contributor

Using a Yealink during a meeting - Utilize room audio and video

Hi, we are trying to have the meeting settings recognize our Yealink camera, microphone and speaker. 


The goal is to have 3 invitees join a meeting from one room, project the meeting on the large monitor and use the room camera, microphone and speaker so everyone can join the meeting together. 


I can't get the meeting to see my camera associated to the room/Yealink. 



GoTo Manager

Hi @jaysmartini, welcome to the community.


Can you please provide the model numbers for these devices so we know exactly what you are working with?


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Hi! We have a Yealink 640.

From everything I have read it sounds like the GoTo Meeting is looking for a plug and play camera, and won't recognize the camera utilized by the Yealink. But it did recognize the yealink speaker which was odd.