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New Contributor

Video card disabled after screen share attempt

I'm a user of GoTo Meeting for more than a year. Sometimes I found that my video card is crashing after sharing the screen. I have a DELL XPS that runs on Windows 10 64 bit with dual graphics (Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVidia GeForce GT 640M using dual-display configuration in extended mode, notebook screen in 1920*1080, external DELL display in 1920*1200 resolution.

Most of the time, it works well; sharing an application or screen 2 has no problem.

But sometimes, the symptom is that after clicking on the share screen button, both displays start alternate blinking, and after 5-6 blinks (ca. 10 seconds), the NVidia becomes disabled. It is more than annoying during a live meeting.

Now after several crashes I observed that it never happens when before the meeting my PC is restarted. But the problem can be reproduced if, before the GoTo Meeting session, I use GPU intensive applications, like the DaVinci Resolve 17 editor or MS Teams conferencing. I have the feeling like GoTo Meeting can not initialize/reset/clear the GPU correctly. (Note I quit these applications before starting the Goto Meeting)
Video driver, OS is up-to-date (other applications using the GPU extensively run well and have no conflict)

Do you have an idea? Restarting the PC before each session is very time-consuming...

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Video card disabled after screen share attempt

@TRozsahegyi  I would first go to Dell's website to confirm your model number and check for all available video driver updates.  Windows may not be able to see the most current versions by itself.  


If the problems persist, you may want to check the CPU performance through the Task Manager while using GoToMeeting to see if there is a spike even when you choose GoToMeeting's Telephone Integration instead of the VoIP integration.  Customer Support here can help file a case for examination, though we would want to coordinate the GoTo event logs with the Windows logs to see what's going on locally at the crash time.