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Virtual Background for Webcams

I am a Mac user & was wondering if "Go-To-Meeting" have an option for adding a different background during Webinars?  ZOOM offers a free Virtual Background feature that allows you to display an image as your background during a Zoom Meeting. You can either upload your own images or use their selection as your virtual background.


I recently signed up for "Go-To-Meeting" but can't locate a similar feature anywhere. I would LOVE to have a more professional background for my upcoming webinars.  


Any suggestions?

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Agree, we are paying premium for GotoMeeting over other services, including Team Meetings.  Those already support the background bluring and now they are even announcing AI to reduce external noises.  


And, can we get mute syncing?    How hard can that be?  Webex, Zoom, Teams, etc. all support this. 


The new ui is nice, but that's not innovation.  

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Virtual backgrounds and blurring are a MUST feature to be competitive.  I have Chromacam but GTM doesn't seem to be able to show both ME and my virtual background at the same time.  Really? Like some of the others, I dropped Zoom for lots of good reasons.  That said, I am finding that GTM moves very slowly, if at all, in keeping up with the competition. Last note - VBs need to be available on ALL paid GTM platforms, not just GoToWebinar.

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Our corporate team is requesting the development of this feature ASAP. Without Virtual backgrounds being made available, we may be forced to switch to another video conferencing platform such as Zoom which we would hate to do since we are a decades long GoTo customer.  Please let me know the release timeline on this.


Thank you!



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While it is appreciated that someone from the LogMeIn side has finally responded (after the original post from 2 years ago in May 2018), it is disappointing to hear that LogMeIn doesn't appear to have any intentions of providing this feature. This is a standard feature in every other video conferencing platform that I have used as a both an organizer and a participant. With so many working from home at this time, this is a much-needed feature and telling users to just find a workaround solution with another app isn't helpful because the feature would not be readily available to everyone in the session. We need it for business purposes and having to tell professionals that are now having to work from home that they have to download something else to allow them to maintain a level of professional appearance while using your solutions is a poor response to an expressed need, especially when competitors have been providing this as a standard feature and even expanded it in light of recent circumstances and increased use of their products. We will be looking into other solutions if LogMeIn continues to be unresponsive to acutal needs and concerns from paying clients. 

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I also feel that virtual backgronds should be a part of this platform. It would make a big difference to the use of this service for me. I'm considering leaving my subscription and going to Zoom if this can't be acheived. as I really need it for my work. Please could you email a response to me.


Thank you,

Claire Bugg


GoTo Moderator

Updated 7/28/20:

We now offer full support of background creation with webcams in GoToMeeting, though this still requires an app download to integrate successfully:


Let us know if it should fail for any reason and we can look into the environmental factors with you.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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I've been using xsplit vcam and it works great with GoToMeeting for background replacement.  In my opinion, it does the best compared to the blurings / replacement capabilities of xoom, teams, etc.  And, compared to SnapCam, you won't accidentially turn yourself into a potato.  It has an easy interface.


that said, xsplit vcam isn't free.

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Does this work for Gotowebinar as well? We would appreciate it if you have a documentation for this integration

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it should, though in full disclosure, I'm only using it in GoToMeeting.  But, I understand the interface here is the same.


Xsplit Vcam (and similiar products) create a virtual camera.   


In the Xsplit Vcam application, I configure it with my webcam.  I have many choices to remove background and replace it with an image ... even a video from YouTube!  Yes, your background can be a video.


Now, in GoTo app, you don't pick your webcam.  Instead, you pick the Xsplit Vcam.  It will show up in the list.  

GoTo will then show the imrpoved image.


You can demo Xsplit vcam for free to test it.  It adds a watermark.  If it works well for you, pay the $ and get the watermark removed.

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I would really like to see this feature as well. This is the one thing that other services have that GTM does not and it is an attractive feature. xsplit vcam  is not an option for macOS.