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GoToMeeting Virtual Background options

Hi, I'm wondering what GoToMeeting users have found to be the best Virtual Background solutions for their meetings.  Working from home with a less than ideal background makes GoToMeeting difficult to use when video is required.  I've looked into ManyCam, which is webcam software that replicates an actual webcam, but allows you to replace the background via the software.  That option seems like one of the best because it blurs the background or provides a virtual background without the need for a green screen.  I installed it to try it out, but quickly determined that the virtual background features are a premium-only feature and you have to dish out $29 minimum to determine if it will even work (that's assuming that the $29 actually has that feature, which is unclear.)  The other option I've seen on GoToMeeting's support site is SparkoCam.  But that software requires a green screen. While I do have a green screen, it's a pain to set it up and take it down for each meeting.  Zoom makes this all easy, but not all my employers/clients use the same meeting software so there's no consistency of the best options.  What have GoToMeeting user's found as the best options for no green screen virtual backgrounds for meetings?  How much do those options cost to get that functionality?  Is GoToMeeting itself working on (or purchasing) a solution for all of its users?  Thanks!

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Re: Virtual Background for Webinars


Unfortunately GTM aren't taking this issue seriously enough. If you want to see further erosion of your business by people switching to other platforms which offer virtual backgrounds, then just keep on ignoring this feature request...2 years, unbelievable!

So many professionals have to work at home now, they need blurring or virtual backgrounds, not for fun, but for their professional image, and even for security reasons.


Using other background apps is not a solution for me, for security reasons, I don't trust them. Their privacy policies are not good enough for business users-

Anyway, I'm currently on a free trial , but I won't be paying for this product without blur and backgrounds. Period.