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What happen to customer support?

I am VERY disappointed that there is no longer an option to call for phone support nor even a chat box. Am I missing something?  I have a serious problem and am thinking of cancelling... Last few times I log-in to a meeting (using Chrome) it says "waiting for the organizer..." and shows my name. It has option to click if you are the organizer and sign-in.  Eventually after trying a different brower InternetExplorer) it works. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: What happen to customer support?

Hi Douglas,

I apologize for the recent difficulty you experienced with GoToMeeting. 

If you are having some issues with the web view, could you please specify what operating system and Chrome versions you have set up there?


Our support flows have switched to an intelligent documentation system that populates related knowledge to the user's search criteria.  If you don't find what you're looking for on the support side, then you may click the 'Contact Us' link to start your agent support interaction.


** We haven't had Chat support in a few years, just to clarify that point.

New Contributor

Re: What happen to customer support?

Thank you, but I spent at least 5 minutes on the site and never found a "contact us" button that allowed me to message anyone.   I was able to call someone for support a few months ago, but I guess that might have been billing related.  Anyways, back to your quesitons...

Chrome: Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)


I am running the latest version of Windows 10 Home - version 1803 on an Lenovo computer.  


THis problem has happened several times and resulted in me being late for important meetings.  I need to make sure it is resolved or I will have to switch to another screen sharing program, which I don't want to do because I have a comfort level with GoToMeeting other than this issue.


Thank you for your help to resolve.

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Re: What happen to customer support?

@DouglasK  Please perform a full uninstall of the GoToMeeting software and Launcher from your programs list.  Once complete, try logging into your online account again and start a new meeting to test the launch flow.