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New Contributor

auto adjust input gain

Hallo everybody,

I want to disable the auto-gain-adjustment for a GoToMeeting. According to the FAQ, there should be an option at the preferences menu. eg here:


But the options "automatically adjust my system mixer settings" and "use automatic volume and noise processing" dont appear in my version on my machine. I use Windows.


Playing music or videos has extreme bad audio quality. Is there a Registry switch or a CMD-Line Option to do that. Or can I do a downgrade of GoToMeeting to get the options?


ThankU and VG!


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: auto adjust input gain


We actually removed those advanced features, and I'm sorry some of the documentation is out of date.  


I'm sorry GoToMeeting wasn't quite designed for playing videos or recorded musical presentations, but we are planning some improvements for this functionality later in 2020.  Hopefully we'll have more information we can share soon.