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New Contributor

Re: gotomeeting with airpods

I confirm the part with the two drivers. On WIN10 in the bluetooth connect menue (CTRL-A, Connect) you see the airpods being connected as music, voice (two different Bluetooth profiles). This results in two devices visible, one called something with stereo/headphones (music), the other with headset (voice, this includes the mic).

So fine, so good, suggest to check that on the WIN10 machine.

The problem is that when activating gotoMeeting, the headset/voice vanishes. And the stereo can be selected in gotoMeeting, but does not play the gotoMeeting audio. Also in the Bluetooth connect menu, the Airpods go to music only. /* Hope I make myself clear */

When leaving gotoMeeting, the Airpods go back to music, voice.

Bottom line: it seems that gotoMeeting is somehow actively stoping the voice/handfree mode and is not properly handling the stereo mode.

The problem is, big competitors are doing it nearly perfect. immediately switching to the airpods, right profile, etc.