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New Contributor

"Unable to share webcam"

GotoMeeting recognizes my camera but says it is "already in use". I've closed all apps which might be using it, and it still presents this message. Is there a way to identify what might be holding it up? Or get GoToMeeting to share with whatever it thinks it is connected to?

GoTo Moderator

Re: "Unable to share webcam"

Hi Jack,

Have you tried rebooting just before the start of your meeting?

What happens when you try to see  the webcam feed on a test site like this one: ?

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: "Unable to share webcam"

It works sometimes and works in other apps, so not a webcam connection. Do I really need to tell you that rebooting the machine when I can’t connect with video is a ridiculous solution? But just in case you are uncertain, it really would be ridiculous to save any work, close apps and power down the entire machine during the first couple of minutes of a call.